Love Wetlands? Get Involved!


URGENT UPDATE:  Aquila Resources has submitted a Wetlands permit application to the Michigan DEQ. The Back Forty “Wetlands, Lakes and Streams” application was received on 1-17-17, and the permit files have been uploaded to the MiWaters system (submission #2NN-5PE0-MT3W).

Given the DEQ’s recent egregious decision to grant the Back Forty’s Mining and Air pollution permits, it is absolutely critical that we work together to scrutinize implications of the Back Forty wetlands permit. Note that a wetlands permit application was previously submitted, found to contain errors and omissions, and rescinded.

WONDERING HOW TO TAKE ACTION? Reading the Wetlands permit and taking notes is the first step. The Aquila Back Forty Wetlands permit application consists of 7 PDF files, al of which may be downloaded from the DEQ’s MiWaters website:

  • 2NN-5PE0-MT3W V1.pdf (6 pages)
  • R-Permit Application Back Forty Project Jan 2017 reduced Sections 1-7.pdf (153 pages)
  • R-Permit Application reduced Appendix A.pdf (40 pages)
  • R-Permit Application reduced Appendix B.pdf (391 pages)
  • R-Permit Application reduced Appendix C.pdf (823 pages)
  • R-Permit Application reduced Section 8.pdf (353 pages)
  • Tribal Engagement Summary for MDEQ 11_3_2016 reduced.pdf (549 pages)

Since concerned citizens have reported difficulties navigating DEQ’s MiWaters site, we are offering a second download site for the Wetlands permit application materials. See:

The Mining Action Group will read and review the Aquila Back Forty Wetlands Permit and prepare comments, but it is critical that YOU do the same! Please contact us if you are interested in working collaboratively on this vital issue.

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