Action Alert – citizens oppose Aquila Back Forty sulfide mine!


Citizen opposition to the Aquila Back Forty project is growing – ADD YOUR VOICE!

Please take a moment to let Michigan’s elected officials know that you oppose the Back Forty open pit sulfide mine, proposed for the bank of the Menominee River. First, click to READ THE LETTER OF OPPOSITION. Feel free to add your own specific concerns to the letter. When you’re ready, click SIGN AND SEND NOW – it’s that simple!

Your letter will be sent to Representative Ed McBroom, Representative John Kivela, Representative Scott Dianda, Senator Tom Casperson, Governor Rick Snyder, Senator Debbie Stabenow, and Congressman Dan Benishek. It will also be sent to Director Bill Moritz (Michigan DNR), Director Keith Creagh (Michigan DEQ), and Joe Maki (DEQ). Additional info is available on the DEQ’s website:,4561,7-135-3311_18442—,00.html

Letter to elected officials, opposing Aquila Back Forty mine application

Thanks, the letter is now closed.

End date: Oct 01, 2016

Signatures collected: 196

196 signatures

Latest Signatures
196Kathy waterstradtWISCONSIN
195Al GedicksWI
194Sam Mullan
193Kay CumbowMichigan
192Kenneth BishopMI
191Charlotte SchnookWisconsin
190Briana RamosCA
189Kathleen GrignonWisconsin
188Roy MichaelsenNebraska
187Bradford KasbergMichigan
186Amy BondMinnesota
185Thomas MayWI
184Brian WitteTexas
183Lisa LyonsWI
182Ben NanceWisconsin
181Hilary BohmWI
180Jamie ReiterWisconsin
179Tiffany Reiter-MedinaWI
178Armando RodriguezWisconsin
177Naneque LaTenderWisconsin
176Leo Chinana
175Diana BolesVa
174Crystal LepscierWisconsin
173Thomas SchoppArkansas
172Allison DeDeckerAZ
171Beth Waukechon
170Tasha CaldwellWisconsin
169Eric OsthoffWisconsin
168Cherie ThunderWisconsin
167Barbara WithWisconsin
166Gene ChampagneMichigan
165S MWi
164Elizabeth Flessert WI
163Megan DorschWI
162mary heinzWisconsin
161chris heinzWisconsin
160Jemima CornishMichigan
159Nicholas ViethMichigan
158Erica BlantonMI
157James EdgeMi
156Laura Chaltry Michigan
155Michael McGuireCA
154Jenni JohnsonMi
153Cindy DeoMichigan
152Tracy MarthWi
151Alan MarthWi
150Jacquelyn LauermanWi
149paul slackwi.
148Rhonda PankowWisconsin
147Sarah RedmondMI
146Michael Noyola-IzquierdoKY
145Cole Tedfordwi
144Michael KrallWyoming
143Kevin J KelleyWI
142Joan CampbellWisconsin
141Mark HellermannNY
140Yarrow BrownMichigan
139Ross WolfeMI
138Bradley VinjeWisconsin
137John CarsonIllinois
136Mike JungeIL
135Christopher GennrichMI
134Matthew CampbellWI
133Elaine BaribeauMi
132Tara RichelMI
131Joseph CorteseILLINOIS
130Barry CoddensMI
129Greg SchickWI
128James WeltzienIllinois
127Myron BezdicekMI
126Mark LoVerdeIL
125Elias AnoszkoMN
124Roger ClausenWI
123Michael RenishWisconsin
122Chris Van ererWisconsin
121Laura MacFarland Wisconsin
120Michael KuhrWisconsin
119Forrest GrulkeWisconsin
118John StelzerWisconsin
117Robert ZimmermanWISCONSIN (WI)
116David HigleyMI
115Tony GarveyWI
114David JohnsonWisconsin
113Charlie PietteWI
112Etienne SenkerMI
111James GouldIl
110George WinklmeierMI.
109Michael NordenOH
108Steven WallWisconsin
107Jerry PasdoWisconsin
106William GreenwaldIllinois
105Paul MelchiorIl
104Bobbi McGuireMichigan
103justin DJUPSTROMMichigan
102justin DJUPSTROMMichigan
101rich mcelligottIllinois
100Dave PinczkowskiWisconsin
99john patersonIL
98Robert HarrisonWI
97Jon SaariMichigan
96David FlandersWI
95Gregory ProsenIllinois
94Michael YoussiIllinois
93Robert WebbIl
92Harry BlessingIllinois
91Lewis DelinIllinois
90Lanning HochhauserIllinois
88Lyn DickinsonIllinois
87Bob Hovetil
86Edward CargillIl
85Edward MillerIllinois
84Darwin AdamsIllinois
82John BlohmWisconsin
81James BorstMI
80Nancy NyquistMichigan
79Michael BlohmMI 49893
78Iarflaith O'MalleyMichigan
77Barbara PrattMichigan
76thomas wienschWisconsin
75Denise VictorWisconsin
74Jen GallagherFl
73Kevin Thew ForresterMI
72Amanda WarrensMichigan
71Steve Nelspn
70Tina HarrisMichigan
69Crystal Anderson Mi
68Cassandra AlessandriniMichigan
67Misty BottkolMI
66Dennis PiontekMI
65Kathy Schram Illinois
64Heather Harris
63Patricia MorganMichigan ❤️
62Dwight ThouneMichigan
61Kyle BladowWI
60anne kossWisconsin
59Brian BottkolMichigan
58Samantha FoxSparrowMichigan
57Meg KnutsonMichigan
56Danielle PhelpsMichigan
55Stacey LesperanceMichigan
54Jeff Rosenemi
53Daniel LesperanceWi
52McGuire IrvineTexas, TX
51Scott CarhounMichigan
50Alisha AutioOklahoma
49Karlee MerklingMichigan
48steve fergusonMichigan
47Tina LesperanceMichigan
46Michael SalfaiWisconsin
45Mary WitzmanMI
44mitzi frankOhio
43Barbara VanderwallMichigan
42Louis Galdieri
41Cynthia Sherman-Jones
40Andrea PiontekMI 49893
39Laura FarwellMichigan
38E TateMi
37Jennifer PowellMichigan
36James NooneIllinois
35Diick DragiewiczIL
34Jay KramerWisconsin
33Michael LeannahWisconsin
32jane pajotmi
31Elmore ReeseMichigan
30Michele BourdieuMichigan
29Margaret ComfortMI
28Mimi AndaryMichigan
27Keith CrowleyWisconsin
26Joshua RoeverWI
25Ronald NelsonWisconsin
24Cheryl DannenbringMN
23Steven GarskeMichigan
22Dr. Phil BellfyMICHIGAN (MI)
21Marlene NelsonMi.
20Lindsey DuplerMI
19Roslyn McGrathMichigan
18Daniel RydholmMI
17Christopher FriesMichigan
16Zelda ZiemerMichigan
15Gary BallwegMichigan
14Janet JoswiakMichigan
13Catherine ParkerMI - Michigan
12Nancy HaunMichigan
11Pam MaakMI
10Kimberly HornMichigan
9David PitawanakwatMichigan
8David KayserMichigan
7Nathan FrischkornMI
6Janeen RastallMichigan
5Monica MurzanskiMichigan
4Paticia DunstanMichigan
3Alexandra MaxwellMichigan
2Lauren YellenMi
1Kathleen HeidemanMI

2 thoughts on “Action Alert – citizens oppose Aquila Back Forty sulfide mine!

  1. Sooner or later there WILL be a failure of some kind if they continue with the mining! Then it will be too late to be sorry! They could throw any amount of money at it but some things cannot be undone! We need to be smart and avoid putting our river and water table in jeopardy!

  2. Harry Blessing

    P.S.: I have fished the Menominee River 12 times in the last 10 years. Each time I spent money for accommodations, restaurants and fly fishing guides with boats. When the river fishing is ruined I’ll no longer be traveling to the upper peninsula of Michigan. I have also fly fished the AuSable River for over 35 years. It is seriously threatened by a huge commercial fish farm and natural oil and gas drilling. When the AuSable is ruined by the fish farm phosphorus and oil and gas drilling I will no longer travel to the lower peninsula as well as the upper peninsula.

    I did some research into Aquila and it’s officers. They seem to be highly educated so they know the damage they will do. I also found they seemed to be backed by a giant Chinese Steel Company.