CR 595 project plans dropped – Victory for now, but the fight’s not over

“We are relieved that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has decided not to issue a permit for CR 595, aka the ‘road to nowhere,’ but we are well aware the fight isn’t over yet,” says Margaret Comfort, president of Save the Wild UP.

“This has been a David and Goliath struggle,” says Comfort. “Activists throughout the Midwest are watching this issue — would the EPA and the DEQ accomodate of one of the world’s largest mining companies and allow them to build a haul road through fragile wetlands? This is a victory for working people and all citizens across the UP: big business lost this round.”

“We are so grateful for the support of community members throughout the Upper Great Lakes Region who questioned the wisdom of this ‘Wilderness Road.’” Comfort was among hundreds of citizens who attended public hearings, wrote the EPA, and spoke out against the proposed haul road.

“This boondoggle was a corporate driveway dressed up as a public service. Rio Tinto has a lot of nerve to set up the County Road Commission to build their private infrastructure. Taxpayer money should never have been spent lobbying for Rio Tinto’s haul road, period,” says Kathleen Heideman, board member of Save the Wild UP.

“Thanks to the EPA and the DEQ for carefully reviewing this project, and acting in the best interest of our fragile wetlands and intact ecosystems. Once lost, they can’t be replaced.” says Gail Griffith, SWUP board member.

Save the Wild UP is a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the preservation of the Upper Peninsula’s unique cultural and natural resources. For more information visit:, e-mail, or call (906) 662-9987.

3 thoughts on “CR 595 project plans dropped – Victory for now, but the fight’s not over

  1. Great job on stopping the road to nowhere!! I feel better about my camp to the north. Continue with the good work. I live in Ft Worth,Tx and enjoy my camp in the summer along side the beautiful Huron mts. Thanks for all u r doing!!

  2. I am elated and flabbergasted — all at the same time.

    I once chatted with the mine’s PR person, trying to understand their perspective (he said that they wouldn’t dare go through Big Bay). I looked in on the processing plant off of 41. I stopped by your fairly discouraged office.

    The County Road seemed like a “done deal.”

    What is the mine going to try next?

  3. We also have a camp up there and are thrilled to hear that road will not be going in. We love that area and it would have been terrible to have it turned into a haul road for a mine.