Bad Mining Law HR 4402

Stop House Proposal to Disenfranchise Communities and Contaminate Our Water House Floor Vote This Week on HR 4402

HR 4402 is the latest huge giveaway to the mining industry.

The House of Representatives is voting on this bad legislation THIS WEEK. If this bill becomes law, it will allow the mining industry to poison our lakes, rivers and streams and disenfranchise local communities.

HR 4402, the “National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012” masquerades as a law about a select group of minerals, but would actually require less public review and environmental protection for all hardrock mines proposed anywhere in this country!

We need your help now.

Tell your Members of Congress that HR 4402 is bad for the environment and bad for communities. 

Dear Representative and Senator,

I urge you to vote no on HR 4402, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012. This bill, scheduled to be voted on by the House of Representatives this week, masquerades as a bill about critical and strategic minerals. But, the truth about this legislation is that rewards the nation’s top toxic polluter, the hardrock mining industry, by stripping away key protections for public health, water and communities.

Please vote No on HR 4402.


3 thoughts on “Bad Mining Law HR 4402

  1. I vigorously oppose this bill. We need to reform the 1872 mining law but not to create more mining in the U.S. but to restrict its use on public land. But, because of a Congress controlled by special interests we haven’t been able to change a very antiquated law.

  2. We oppose this legislation. We are facing a coal mine in our back yard in Alaska at present. Corporate interests make it impossible for residents to stop polluting our environment. Can’t you all read the writing on the wall? We, as a nation need to move beyond these polluting materials to a sustainable energy system.

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