Rio Tinto Posts Eagle Project Transportation Plan


RioTinto’s Transporation Plan for the Eagle Project was recently posted on their website, but have taken it down for modifications.Click here to read: KennecottTransportationProfile_Dec2011

Eagle Project Overview with map:


4 thoughts on “Rio Tinto Posts Eagle Project Transportation Plan

  1. Save the UP Wild and myself are requesting a public hearing in Marquette for CR 595 in addition to the hearing scheduled in Ishpeming. The DEQ scheduled a hearing in Ishpeming because of the central location to the road site and to the County. As the DEQ and most Save the UP Wild citizen base also realize is that public opinion in the Ishpeming area is more evenly mixed on the supposed benefits of the mine and road, while a higher percentage of us in the population center, Marquette, are adamantly against the mine and the road, and are more objective in realizing CR 595’s true purpose–for use as a haul route. Please contact the DEQ. Join us in requesting a Marquette hearing for CR595 such that the DEQ cannot be accused of filtering the audience. Frank Jeff Verito

  2. Rio Tinto finds an economically viable ore body and wants to mine. The people of Marquette County tell Rio Tinto that they won’t accept the mine if Rio Tinto is going to haul their ore over the already heavily traveled roads. Rio Tinto tells Marquette County that they will build a new road. The proposal Rio Tinto puts forward for the new road violates our laws. Rio Tinto tells Marquette County that they have to build the road themselves. Rio Tinto has said over and over again that they will keep their promises and they will obey our laws. Who is lying? It’s only the beginning…

  3. When is the Marquette hearing going to take place for the 595 Rd.? I want to go