Walk for the Woodlands

1. WHAT:    A walk to bring attention to the MQT Co. Road Commission’s decision to create Route 595 – the so-called “Woodlands Road”

2.  WHEN:  Saturday October 30th and Sunday October 31st

3.  WHERE:

SATURDAY –  11 miles – ISHPEMING TO KOSKI’s KORNER –  More precisely, from the MQT Co. Road Commission Hdqtrs in Ishpeming (right by Ralph’s Italian Deli on the corner of 2nd St. and Hwy 41) to Koski’s Korner (Rte 95 and Hwy 41, by the BP gas station, there is a public parking area on the NW corner along Rte 95).  LEAVING ISHEPMING AT 10:00 AM SHARP !!!

SUNDAY –  12 miles – KOSKI’s KORNER TO MICHIGAMME –  from the public parking area (NW corner of Rte 95 at Hwy 41)


4.  HOW:  Join for as much or as little as you can.  We will  walk on the shoulder of Hwy 41.   Blessings at Middle Branch Escanaba River and Peshekee River.

5.  RULES:

a.   Sorry, no children allowed, it is too dangerous for them.

b.   You are responsible for your own transportation – shuttling or carpooling.

c.   You MUST wear a blaze-orange or yellow vest.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

d.  No facemasks allowed.  You are welcome to wear a halloween costume, if you so desire; but please be careful that you do not endanger yourself by doing such.

e.  You are welcome to carry a sign; however, no foul language.

f.  Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing and bring raingear.

g.  Single file when approaching Champion and Michigamme – the curves are dangerous.

h.  Bring lots of water and pack a lunch.

6.  MEALS AND LODGING:  Lodgers welcome to stay at Margaret’s on Saturday night.  Sunday  late afternoon  “THANKSGIVING FOR OUR WOODLANDS” dinner at Margaret’s featuring turkey, squash from Terri’s garden, spuds from Gabe’s garden, cornbread stuffing with Michigan cherries, Michigamme apple-cranberry chutney, Keweenaw beer, and Michigan “Witches Brew” !

3 thoughts on “Walk for the Woodlands

  1. Real sorry I won’t be around to join you.

    I once walked from my cabin to Champion, just to see what it would be like to see such familiar turf up-close. It was an eye-opener.

    I hope that the golden eagles in the Peshekee River basin shout a big heads-up to you all (I saw them this fall, sitting on the Martin’s Landing bridge and enjoying the sunset).

    By the way, is it thought that the Kennecott trucks will rumble from Michigamme to Ishpeming? I thought that they would be going north and south, in forests not usually seen by passers-by.

  2. Jim and I would have loved to be there but didn’t get the info until too late to go!