Coaster Brook Trout in Danger

Coaster Brook TroutTrout Unlimited tells us that there was once an abundant population of coaster brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) across Lake Superior that drew anglers from across the country. Over-fishing, introduction of new species and the destruction of the trout’s habitat reduced the coasters’ numbers to today’s small populations.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Salmon Trout River in northern Marquette County is thought to be the only location for natural reproduction of the coaster brook trout in Michigan. Today, 26 governmental agencies, tribal entities, non-profit organizations and universities from across Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario are working together to rehabilitate the coaster brook trout.

Is this mine worth the risk to another irreplaceable species?

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10 thoughts on “Coaster Brook Trout in Danger

  1. As a fourth generation “Yooper” (and also a property owner/taxpayer in Powell Township, Marquette County, Michigan), I too recognize the potential devastation of sulfide mining on the local environment. We do not need the risk of this type of pollution from mining, nor the increased traffic and danger of heavy trucking on this area of the Yellow Dog Plains and the surrounding watershed and roads. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is fortunately one of the few inhabited “wild” spaces left in the lower 48 States! Let’s not ruin it for our posterity. We can take responsible action now to prevent a catastrophe like this planned mine from happening…Let’s do so!

  2. I think that Sulfide Mining is a stupid thing to go with and like. All it does is hurt the Enviroment and it hurts the air and the space around it and I think that Every one should say no.

  3. I cant see another animal get extinct. That would be Horrible. I have loved nature since I was a kid and I dont want it to dissapear right in front of my eyes. I have a cabin by the one of the lakes in Big Bay and I would hate to go up there up there one day to see it destryoed and ruined. I havent even showed my many friends the wonderful landscape. SO SAY NO TO SULFIDE MINING!!!!!!!!!

  4. I went camping at Big Ericks near the western edge on the huron river. It is truely amazing. I think the only other place that was comparable was Northern Idaho near Florence or western Montana. It is like a little minerature version of the northern rockies. I would say all you yahoos from illinois and lower michigan should go on a trip to the norther rockies. You would know exactly what I mean. You would literally cry having to come back and see what industry has done to this once beutifull area in the U.P. I think that it is still pretty and I live on the east side by escanaba. I literally cried when I had to come home from my vacation to Cor De lene or however you spell it. It was in in northern Idaho and the Grayling Fishing was excellent.You know I think it is a losing Battle around here and the huron mountain club is fighting but there is plenty of great trout fishing left out west and beutiful places inaccessable by motor vehicles.If anything cut the loss here and gain some out there.

  5. I know that we have a say in whether there is sulfide mining or not. but the question is who’s listening. I am a K.I.Sawyer transplant who has been here since 1981. I say no to sulfide mining becouse the way it’s done, the cleansing,the chemical run-off can’t be kept local due to the soil saturation. It will destroy and they won’t be able to replace what is gone.To say it will bring jobs is to say Flnt, are you better now that the parts plant in your town closed. Say no and mean it!

  6. I wanted to let readers know that the Sierra Club and the Huron Mtn Club filed a petition with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to list the coaster brook trout as endangered under the endangered species act. A draft decision should be available for public comment sometime in April of 2009 (it’s been delayed a couple of times.) Please watch the Sierra Club’s website for more information on public input opportunities:

    You can contact me for more information, too:
    Thank you…

  7. I suggest that we concerned Michiganders contact governor Granholm, and ask her why sulfide mining will commence, even though experience shows that some environmental damage will occur from this type of mining. How does this trade-off benefit us? I don’t live in the U.P. but I spent many glorious youthful summers there, exploring and fishing for trout, especially the porkies. Back in the seventies, we heard about the coaster brookies from some locals, and managed to catch a few of the beauties by wading Superior near a small, unnamed river. This right-winger with a green streak will never forget it. I hope to retire to the U.P. and it would be a shame to see the land degraded and violated any more than what has already occured from mining. By all means, any danger to these awesome fish must be minimized. Screw the jobs. Coasters are a unique part of wild Michigans heart, and transplanting is not an option.

  8. Nothing is worth risking another imperiled species. Enjoy your backpacking, hiking, camping, and fishing while you can before the North America Wilderness is dotted with mines and other concrete structures. Just my two cents.

  9. I am not a native to the UP of Michigan
    I came here in 1995 and have not left.
    I am a devoted Brooktrout fisherman and
    I charrish every Brookie I catch-some I
    release,others I take for eating.I have caught 1 Coaster Brooktrout at the mouth
    of the Hurricane river-she was the Most
    Beautiful fish I ever caught-I returned
    her to the river inlet-She waS 27 INCHES
    AND ABOUT 7 lbs I would guess, that was
    in 1999-never had caught another.The Brook Trout fishing in Mi.UP is in shambles -I pray the the sulfide minning
    on the Yellow dog plaines do no harm.I have not fished in 9 yrs,I figure I may be helping themout by not distrubing them
    and not taking any.Sure was beautiful when
    I first moved here,now with all of the logging of the Hardwoods its leaving the Peoples Forests DEVASTATED ! The Maples,
    Beaches and Berches will soon be a memory
    the conifers they plant do not support a good wildlife habitat-can Grouse,Bear and Deer eat Pine? no.Dear Lord please protect our wild places still left.

    Paul E. Genaw