Do you Wanna Save the Wild UP? Join our Intern Corps!

We are delighted to announce our search for three superstar interns to join Team SWUP starting in the Winter 2014 NMU school semester.

Save the Wild U.P. is at the forefront of protecting our environment and unique culture while promoting sustainable economies. We’re calling for a federal corruption investigation of state mining regulators, tracking new mining developments, educating the public on the hazards of sulfide mining — and hosting free hikes, picnics, concerts and more to celebrate the wonderful wild U.P.!

Update: Our Winter 2014 Internship Application is now closed. Stay tuned for announcements on our Summer and Fall 2014 Intern Corps!

Scripps Lays Out Plan to Protect Michigan’s Waters

Placing waters in the public trust will protect the Great Lakes

— September 02, 2009

GLEN ARBOR – Speaking to a gathering of citizen activists, State Representative Dan Scripps (D-Leland) laid out his vision for protecting all of Michigan’s waters, including lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater, by affirming they should be clearly defined as a public resource, giving them the same protections against privatization as the Great Lakes and all surface water.

“We’re surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, and with that blessing comes an incredible responsibility,” Scripps said. “We must act as responsible stewards of our waters and preserve our lakes, rivers and beaches for future generations. Our waters are not only part of our heritage, but a key part of creating and protecting thousands of jobs across Northwest Michigan and a cornerstone of Michigan’s tourism industry.”

Scripps will introduce legislation this week to clarify that Michigan’s waters are subject to the public trust, placing them under the shared ownership of the people of Michigan for the benefit of present and future generations.

“This legislation will erase any doubt that the waters of Michigan belong to the citizens of Michigan,” Scripps said, “and that Michigan citizens must continue to have a say in protecting this resource.”

Scripps spoke at a luncheon for the Leelanau Independent Women for Democratic Action.

“Our state relies on healthy waters to sustain jobs in our three largest industries,” Scripps said. “We need to protect these jobs as we work to pull Michigan out of this economic slump. But this plan is about more than that. The Great Lakes are part of what makes us who we are here in Michigan. They’re a defining part of our state – Michigan’s crown jewels – and that’s a history and legacy we must fight to preserve.”