Aquila Back Forty Wetland Permit

Aquila Resources Back Forty Wetlands Permit Application Materials

Wetland Permit files (direct links to materials in Aquila’s Dec. 2017 application)

Wetland Resources

Aquila Back Forty Mining Permit and Environmental Impact Assessment

While DEQ staff have stated that only the Wetland Permit files can be discussed in the permit review, the Wetland Permit includes numerous cross-references and citations pertaining to the Back Forty Mine Permit application, and the Wetland Permit builds substantially upon the original Environmental Impact Assessment materials (for example, Groundwater Modeling). The Michigan DEQ has archived the Aquila Back Forty Project’s original mine permit application, including 6 permit application files and 10 Environmental Impact Assessment files (16 total); this archive directory also includes DEQ’s “Part 632 Request for Additional Info” file, and the final Mine Permit (issued on December 28, 2016):

DEQ FTP server archive -Back Forty Mining Permit and EIA
ftp://GeoWebFace:Geology(1) Forty project/