Significant Changes to Aquila Back Forty Mine

Significant Changes have been made to the Aquila Back Forty Mine. Since the mining permit was issued (December 28, 2016), the Back Forty mine site has been expanded and redesigned. The changes impact critical components such as project boundary, affected area, location of haul roads, relocation of mine waste (tailings) storage areas (TWRMFs), sumps, contact water basins, ore stockpiles, and beneficiation (milling) buildings. The edge of one tailing basin is now approximately 1,000 feet from the Menominee River. 

None of these facility changes have been reviewed or permitted — yet these site designs are included in the Aquila Back Forty Wetland permit application. Again – these are Significant Changes. We are calling on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to immediately subject the Back Forty Mine permit to an AMENDMENT REQUEST. 

This is urgent. The Aquila Back Forty Wetland Permit application is currently undergoing a review for administrative completeness, and will soon be “Public Noticed”. The design of the Aquila Back Forty Mine is clearly integral to a comprehensive review of the pending Wetland permit application. 

We have asked that the DEQ act swiftly, requiring an amendment of the Back 40 mining permit (#MP012016) — before any further consideration is given to the pending Wetland permit, since it is clearly based upon an unpermitted facility design.
We urge all concerned citizens and stakeholder groups to submit their own request, as soon as possible. For full details, see our letter, below.

9 thoughts on “Significant Changes to Aquila Back Forty Mine

  1. We ask that you kindly ask that the Mining Permit be resubmitted as it has changed significantly. We need to know the exact details and impacts. Please do not let this just go.

  2. The new site plans for the cyanide mine, known as the Back Forty, have been changed significantly. They should have to re-submit a NEW proposal seeing that they now show changes that have not been approved, just as we would have to if we needed permits. Please, this is a very important issue, one you cannot afford to let go. Thank You

  3. I am both Michigan and Menominee Native. I request that you give serious consideration to the impacts on our WATER.

  4. In view of the current changes to the overall project, I respectfully ask you to re-examine the permit.
    Based on the safety record of this type of mine, it appears that location could have significant temperamental environmental impact.
    I ask that you examine this carefully,and deny this permit.

  5. I am asking that the MDEQ require an amendment to the mining Wetlands Permit MP012016 as it is based on an unpermited facility design.

  6. These changes effect Act 632 and should have to be resubmitted. Is this going to add more conditions to each permit that has already been submitted.

  7. We are requesting that the EPA take original and updated to present information regarding location, operation and potential clean up into consideration in reviewing any and all permit requests for Back Forty Mine in Menominee County. Please do not approve this Mine.

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