Dancing for the Earth

Don’t miss Dancing for the Earth – a benefit to support the work of Save the Wild U.P. / Mining Action Group! Join Carrie BiOLO and Maria FormOLO as they explore the elements of the Upper Peninsula winter wonderland through dance, sound, movement, and visual imagery in Dancing for the Earth. The first performances will take place next Wednesday, December 21 – the Winter Solstice – near the Gazebo on Presque Isle in Marquette, MI. Two performance times: 4:45-5:15pm (sunset), and 7-7:30pm. Suggested donation $10.00 or what you can give. Performances are tailored to the environment and the weather. THIS EVENT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED. No matter the weather, the dancers will celebrate the wild splendor of Lake Superior and Winter Solstice!

OLO has teamed up with local like-minded organizations like Save the Wild U.P. and the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition for a season of special nature benefit events:

December 21 Wed. Winter Solstice: Save the Wild UP, near Presque Isle Gazebo. 4:45-5:15pm & 7-7:30pm
January 12 Thurs. Full Moon: Cedar Tree Institute, Presque Isle pavilion. 7pm- 8pm
January 28 Sat. New Moon: tba
February 11 Sat. Full Moon: OLO performing at Rhino Fest in Chicago performing a new version of Superior Elements first premiered in Marquette on Lake Superior Day and other works.
February 26 Sun. New Moon: Percussive Attack Camp, near Presque Isle Gazebo. 5pm-6pm with young percussionists
March 12 Sun. Full Moon: tba
March 18 Sat.: Van Riper Snowshoe Hike see DNR website for location off 41 near Michigamme, 7-9 pm
March 21 Tuesday.: Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition, at the Presque Isle Park Pavilion, 7-8 pm

Additional pop-up performances are scheduled around full and new moons in surprise locations. Contact cbiolo@sbcglobal.net for more details on dates/times/locations and how you can be involved in the pop-up performances!

Curious about their work? Check out this video from last winter’s performance, Running Toward the Light, part of a 100-day project. Carrie and Maria performed a series of outdoor weekly events from Dec. 21, 2015 – March 21, 2016. Each event ran around 30 minutes with the exception of a 3-hour continuous event with the music of gongs, bells and a tuned ice xylophone made by Carrie and dance by Maria at Glacier Glide. The performers were costumed spectacularly and well underdressed. Each event was tailored to the environment and the weather.

See carriebiolo.com for video clips and information on Running Towards the Light Project

Testimonials by those who attended Running Toward the Light:
It was marvelous. . . Glad we saw and heard you! Felt like in some exotic land! – Christine Saari
Wonderful Creativity! Looks beautiful, magical, and coooold! – Dort Schlientz
I loved it!!!! – Gray Louise Phillips
Talent, beauty and mystery! – Elizabeth Yelland
We were in awe of your music last night. Thanks! – Cathy Church

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