Comments in Opposition to the Mining, Air Use and Groundwater Discharge Permits

Kennecott filed its Mining Permit Application with the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality February 2006. The three partners opposing the proposed mine, National Wildlife Federation, Huron Mountain Club and Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, were already involved with studies of the negative environmental impacts such a mining operation would bring to the Yellow Dog Plains in northwest Marquette County. Upon receiving the Kennecott Mining Permit application, the three groups procured additional technical experts to review every aspect of Kennecott’s 8,000 page Mining Permit Application. Other groups, namely Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and Save the Wild UP, performed other functions including field studies of baseline conditions, public relations, political communications and community outreach.

The State of Michigan decided the permitting process for the proposed mine would consist of three separate permits: the Mining Permit, the Air Permit and the Groundwater Discharge Permit. Approximately nine months after the Kennecott application was filed with the State, the three mine opposition partners performing the technical reviews decided to concentrate their efforts on one permit each to better focus on the issues, improve the efficient use of limited resources and to eliminate overlap and redundancy in the ongoing technical reviews that each group was conducting. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) took the Mining Permit, the Huron Mountain Club (HMC) took the Air Permit and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) took the Groundwater Discharge Permit.

The comments submitted to the Michigan DEQ on October 17, 2007 consist of these three sets of comments:

You may also wish to review the Comments Opposing the Leasing of State Lands to Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company submitted to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources by the National Wildlife federation. (183 kb PDF)

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